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About Me

I'm currently working as an NLP Engineer @ aveni.

I have a PhD from Heriot-Watt University, where my research was on applying natural language processing-based machine learning algorithms to programming languages.

Prior to that, I obtained a First-Class Master's degree (MEng) in Digital Electronics (now known as Electronics and Computer Engineering) from the University of Sheffield.

In my spare time I enjoy: reading, listening to podcasts, playing board games, walking my dog, and watching sports.


You can contact me on twitter or via e-mail.


Things I've learned, formatted as Python notebooks.

2024-02-17 Introduction to information theory (from a machine learning perspective)
2024-02-10 Decision trees and random forests from scratch
2023-10-03 Bootstrapping confidence intervals
2023-09-27 Parallelism in Python
2023-09-07 Some practical use cases for the walrus operator
2023-08-28 Retrieval augmented generation
2023-08-27 Implementing TF-IDF from scratch
2023-08-06 A/B testing with the chi-squared test
2023-08-03 Fine-tuning a sequence classification model with LoRA and the peft library
2023-07-31 How to use Open AI's "function calling" ability
2023-07-30 What's the best way to strip punctuation from a string?
2023-07-29 Why is the softmax function "off by one"?